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    About The Way International

    The Way International is a global, nondenominational Christian ministry dedicated to helping people understand the Word of God. Established in 1942 and headquartered in rural Ohio, The Way International began as a radio program established by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille. Since then, it has evolved into a research, teaching, and fellowship organization spanning over thirty countries.


    Emphasizing that the Word of God and the will of God are one and the same, The Way International strives to teach the rightly divided Word and guide individuals in carrying out God’s will in their daily lives. The ministry draws on decades of research to teach the Scriptures, helping followers lead more abundant lives through an accurate understanding of God’s original intent.


    Followers pursue spiritual growth through small group fellowships, where people come together to learn and pray in each other’s homes. These opportunities for spiritual nourishment and Biblical education include brief, positive, research-based teachings from the Bible that help followers understand the true, original meaning of the Scripture.

    In addition to home fellowships in such varied locations as the United Kingdom, Argentina, New Zealand, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Way International also promotes the understanding of God’s Word through Biblical classes and various publications. One of its most popular publications is The Way Magazine, a dynamic bimonthly print and digital magazine that provides spiritual guidance and ministry news in a colorful layout that engages readers of all ages.


    More information about The Way International can be found at www.theway.org.

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